Ballerina Bookmark


Ballerinas have to keep the beat of their choreography, and so it makes them the perfect candidate for holding the place in your favorite story. Known for her quirky leg bookmarks, Olena Mysnk of MyBookmark has brought this idea to life and created a miniature version of a dancer’s feet. When you close book, you’ll see only a pair of pointed toes and pretty lace-up slippers that are iconic of a ballerina. The charming visual is practical, yes, and it's sure to be as whimsical as the tale you’re enjoying.


  • Length of the “legs” are 2”, and the total size of the Ballerina bookmark is 7.5” long x 2” wide.
  • Legs are created with polymer clay, painted in acrylic, and then varnished.

About MyBookmark

MyBookmark produces more than just things—MyBookmark is handmade joy. Olena Mysnk is the woman behind the shop, and she loves the wow effect that these types of things have. Through MyBookmark, she can share this passion with the rest of the world.

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