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Is your life getting too hectic? It happens to everyone, but there are exercises that can help you relax. This deck of Mindfulness Cards by Chronicle Books includes over 50 prompts for the mind and body.

Each card features an inspiring phrase on the front and a short mindfulness exercise on the back. They are easy to incorporate into your busy life. Some ways to use the deck are: drawing a card when you need a mental break or selecting several in the morning and reading through them as the day goes on. With categories like Rest & Balance, Insight & Awareness, Curiosity & Joy, and Kindness, you're sure to keep learning for a long time.

Pick up a deck for yourself, or wrap this decorative box as a gift for a friend.


  • Mindfulness Cards are a deck of 65 cards.
  • Cards are divided into four color-coded mindfulness categories: Rest & Balance, Insight & Awareness, Curiosity & Joy, and Kindness.
  • The deck also includes 8 blank cards for personalization.
  • The decorative, foil-stamped box measures 4 x 6 1/8 x 1 5/8.

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Chronicle Books is an independent book publisher based in San Francisco. They are "inspired by the enduring magic of books" and use the powerful platform as a way to ignite the passion of readers around the world.

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