Sloth Bookmark


Some of the best days are the lazy ones spent reading a good book, and now you have a tiny literary pal to accompany your latest page-turner. This adorable sloth bookmark features a small sculpture of the creature affixed to the top of the placeholder. When enclosed in a book, it looks as though your little friend is patiently awaiting your return to that enthralling tale.


  • Length of the sloth is about 2" long and the total size of the bookmark is 7.5” long x 2” wide.
  • Sloth was created with polymer clay, painted in acrylic, and then varnished.

About MyBookmark

MyBookmark produces more than just things—MyBookmark is handmade joy. Olena Mysnk is the woman behind the shop, and she loves the wow effect that these types of things have. Through MyBookmark, she can share this passion with the rest of the world.

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