Samsara Shawl


It's time to get carried away by your sense of style. Not literally, of course, but about as close as you can get without taking flight. The Samsara shawl by Shovava is an oversized wrap that is decorated with the wing pattern of the Sunbittern bird, a creature found near forest streams in the foothills and lowlands of Central and South America. Featuring earthy-colored plumage with a sunburst-like accent, this accessory looks spectacular with your arms spread wide or wrapped around your body.


  • The design of the Samsara shawl is originally hand-painted and then digitally printed onto organic cotton fabric.
  • The fabric is 100% organic cotton. The winged print is on one side of the fabric. The other side is a slightly lighter and sheer matte material. This ensures it breathes and drapes well!
  • When laid flat, the finished shawl measures approximately 39” x 79”.

About Shovova

Roza Khamitova is the creative force behind Shovava. Drawing inspiration from nature's beauty and the human spirit, Khamitova explains, "My ideas are born of long solitary walks in the jungle, through bristling fields or along almost pin-drop quiet stretches of sand."

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