Frida Kahlo Kokeshi Doll

Frida Kahlo is, without a doubt, an art history hero whose surreal painted imagery was informed by the incredible adversity she experienced in her life. While her artwork is beautiful, alluring, and impactful, her personal style has grown popular many years after her death—furthering her status as an icon. Three of her well-known traits are pictured on this charming Kokeshi doll by The flowers in her hair, colorful attire, and unibrow make it unmistakably Frida. At nearly six inches tall, the wooden figure is intended as a token of friendship, making it a great gift for a creative person in your life.


  • Frida Kahlo Kokeshi doll measures 5.7" tall. 
  • Doll is made out of superba wood and is not suitable for young children due to the gold paint used. 

About is the creative studio of Becky Kemp, an artist based in South London. She started her career as an art teacher but branched out on her own in 2011 to start her commercial practice. Now, her work is inspired by a "love of Nordic design and Japanese illustration"—traits found on her beloved Kokeshi dolls.

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