Four Point Mars Puzzle

Four Point Puzzles

Have you ever wished you could visit some of the spectacular places in our solar system? Well, the makers of the amazing Moon and Earth puzzles have added a third circular jigsaw to their lineup, and this one captures the beauty of Earth's neighbor, Mars. 

The 1,000 piece challenge is based on the clearest image of the Red Planet to date and captures some of its most notable features. As you put the pieces together you will see details of the rocky surface. This includes the Valles Marineris trench, which stretches an astounding 2,500 miles across. It's the perfect indoor activity to work on in your downtime, and when you're done, you can hang your finished creation on your wall.

Take one of these puzzles home for yourself to challenge your jigsaw skills, or pair this puzzle with the Mars Dust Globe to create a special gift set for the space lover in your life. 


  • The Mars puzzle contains 1,000 pieces made from recycled materials.
  • When completed, the circular puzzle measures 26.5” in diameter.
  • Four Point Puzzles measures the difficulty as 4/5.

About Four Point Puzzles

Based in Toronto, Canada, Four Point Puzzles uses unique imagery and design to create high-quality puzzles. The Moon puzzle is the first of their collection, and they are excited to add more titles that will challenge and delight puzzle solvers everywhere.