'Cactus' Embroidery Kit

Oh Sew Bootiful

Are you crazy for cacti? Stitch your love of these desert plants with this kit from Oh Sew Bootiful. The company is known for their affinity for wildflowers and bees, but they’ve branched out to include the likes of prickly pears and saguaros. The packaging includes everything you’ll need to successfully complete the embroidery, but this kit is a little different. Typically, their instructions dictate what kind of stitches to use. Cactus, however, affords you more freedom. “There is stitch guide included,” the company explains, “but the beauty of this design is that you can mix and match your stitches where you fancy.” So, if you’re a fan of the split stitch or back stitch, you can use them for as many cacti as you like. What technique will you use?


  • Each kit includes the following supplies: a 6-inch wooden embroidery hoop; pre-printed, 100% cotton fabric; padding; start-to-finish guide; illustrated stitch instructions; 100% cotton embroidery thread; two embroidery needles; and a paper version of the pattern.
  • This pattern is made up of nine different types of stitches and is best suited for someone that has embroidered before.
  • Please note: The fabric is 100% natural cotton and may appear differently to how it looks on the screen. 

About Oh Sew Bootiful

“I’ve always enjoyed being creative and hand embroidery is something I’ve been doing for a long time,” Steph Arnold of Oh Sew Bootiful says. It also allows her to exercise the skills she enjoys, from sketching out the idea to picking out the color of thread. The result is a kit that makes it easy to start a new craft project.

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