Cat Butt Push Pins

Kikkerland Design

Searching for a whimsical gift that combines humor with cats? Well, then look no further than the incomparable Cat Butt Push Pins. These funny plastic accessories resemble the tailed behinds of several different kinds of cats.

The six-piece set includes a gray tabby cat, a Siamese cat, a black Bombay cat, a calico cat, a white Persian cat, and an orange tabby cat. Use them to keep your notes, photographs, and other jottings in place. They're sure to grab your attention whenever you walk by!

Pick up a set for yourself to pin your notes to a cork board , or pair it with a Cat Pile game to create the purr-fect gift set for a cat lover. 


  • Cat Butt Push Pins are sold as a set of 6.
  • It includes one gray tabby cat, one Siamese cat, one black Bombay cat, one calico cat, one white Persian cat, and one orange tabby cat. 

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