Adjustable Three-Piece Panda Ring

Mary Lou

Black and white and fluffy—haven’t you always wondered what it would be like to hug a panda bear? Well, you can now enjoy the next best thing. Jewelry designer Mary Lou has cleverly created an adjustable panda ring that will give you a gentle squeeze every time you slip it on! Designed in three pieces, the panda ring features separated head, arms, and legs. When worn on one finger, the stacked set looks like the cuddly bear has fallen asleep while giving you a warm embrace.


  • Animal wrap around rings is a set of three: head, front paws, and back paws.
  • The ring is made of brass, enamel, and plated 18K gold.
  • This animal ring is adjustable with U.S. size 5 to 8 and European size 48 to 57.
About Mary Lou

Known for their unique and quirky collections, Bangkok-based Mary Lou strives to add elements of sweet and edginess to their animal jewelry. This duality extends to how the pieces are produced, too. Painted with enamel, it allows the items to look like they’re made of ceramics, but are durable for everyday wear.

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