Adjustable Three-Piece Squirrel Ring

Mary Lou

Calling someone “squirrelly” isn’t exactly a compliment; it implies that the person is nervous or even erratic. Help take back the term with this stylish squirrel ring that comes in three pieces. Comprising the creature's body, its tail, and a pine nut, you wear each separate ring on any three of your fingers. Spread across your hand, it appears that the small rodent is scurrying towards the prized nut.


  • Animal wrap around rings is a set of three: the squirrel body, tail, and pine nut.
  • The ring is made of brass, enamel, and plated 18K gold.
  • This animal ring is adjustable with U.S. size 5 to 8 and European size 48 to 57.

About Mary Lou

Known for their unique and quirky collections, Bangkok-based Mary Lou strives to add elements of sweet and edginess to their animal jewelry. This duality extends to how the pieces are produced, too. Painted with enamel, it allows the items to look like they’re made of ceramics, but are durable for everyday wear.

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