Nicola Shawl


You’re always going to notice a peacock. With their vibrant plumage, how could you not be captivated by their appearance? We’ve come to terms with the fact that we’ll never be as fancy as a peacock—even on our fanciest of days—but this ethereal shawl gets you pretty darn close. Inspired by the bird itself, the blue, green, and turquoise feathers offer a vibrant addition to your wardrobe. And at a size of 39” by 79”, there are many ways to wear it. Try draping it around your shoulders or even using it as a colorful layer over a skirt or pants. Either way, you’ll look fabulous.


  • The design of the Nicola shawl is originally hand-painted and then digitally printed onto organic cotton fabric.
  • The fabric is 100% organic cotton. The winged print is on one side of the fabric. The other side is a slightly lighter and sheer matte material. This ensures it breathes and drapes well!
  • When laid flat, the finished shawl measures approximately 39” x 79”.

About Shovova

Roza Khamitova is the creative force behind Shovava. Drawing inspiration from nature's beauty and the human spirit, Khamitova explains, "My ideas are born of long solitary walks in the jungle, through bristling fields or along almost pin-drop quiet stretches of sand."

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