Vincent van Gogh Enamel Pin Set

Unemployed Philosophers Guild
$9.95 $15.95

You’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but what about donning artistic inspiration on your shirt collar? The Unemployed Philosophers Guild has created an enamel pin set that’s modeled after the iconic artist Vincent van Gogh and is bound to spark the spirit of any creative soul.

Featuring two pins in one pack, one of them is a portrait of van Gogh with his signature serious expression and ginger hair. The other pin is a reference to one of the artist’s most defining life events, in which he severed part of his left ear. The lapel accessories can be worn together, apart (such as on opposing collars), or even mixed up with other pins. Either way, these small pieces of flair are sure to be a conversation starter!


  • Vincent van Gogh enamel pin pack features a portrait of the artist and his ear.
  • Van Gogh head measures 1.25” tall.
  • Each pin has a rubber back to ensure that they stay in place.

About Unemployed Philosophers Guild

Founded in 2011, the Unemployed Philosophers Guild contends that “the unexamined gift is not worth giving” and creates items that fulfill people’s needs for finger puppets, warm slippers, coffee mugs, and above all, laughter.