Chameleon Color & Blending System - Complementary Pastel Colors Set


Want to surprise an artist with some new supplies? The color and blending system by Chameleon features specially designed markers that can produce a wide variety of amazing effects. 

The Complementary Colors set comes with six markers—in gray-green, turquoise, mauve, pink, and orange hues—as well as a colorless blender that you can use as-is to fill in your artwork. It also includes five color tops that you can apply to the top of your markers to create even more color combinations. Additionally, the pack comes with one mixing chamber that, when used in combination with a marker, can help you produce light to dark and dark to light color gradients. And if the brush nib ever wears down, don't worry. The set includes six spare Japanese brush nibs that you can switch out to keep your marks looking crisp.

Pick up this set of markers to start coloring your drawings, and pair this pack with the Primary Colors set to create an even larger palette for your art.


  • The Complementary Pastel Colors Set includes 6 markers: Lagoon (BG1), Turquoise (BG3), Mauve (VO2), Bubble Gum (PK3), Tangerine (OR3), and Colorless Blender (CB).
  • It also comes with 5 color tops: Cool Gray (CG5), Fuchsia (PK5), Indigo Blue (BL7), Vermillion (RD3), and Grass Green (GR3).
  • Each pack also contains 1 mixing chamber, 6 spare Japanese brush nibs, and instructions.
  • Chameleon markers are refillable.
  • The alcohol-based ink is permanent on most surfaces, including paper, fabrics, glass, plastic, and wood.

About Chameleon

UK-based company Chameleon creates high-quality art supplies that help artists "unlock the world of color."

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