'Chatty Patty' Smartphone Holder

Artori Design

Take a break from holding your phone and let this nifty stand do the work for you! Created by Artori Design, Chatty Patty is a playful smartphone holder that will let you continue to look at your screen hands-free.

Chatty Patty is made of painted metal and features a black silhouette of a female figure sitting down and talking on the phone. She kicks her feet up to make sure your phone stays standing up. This way, you can read, watch videos, or scroll without having to hold the device in your hand.

This desk accessory makes the perfect gift for anyone in your life.


  • Chatty Patty is made of metal that has been painted black.
  • The smartphone holder is about 3.42” long x 2.75” tall x 2.55” wide.

About Artori Design

Artori Design believes that “practical and day-to-day products can be beautiful, aesthetic, well crafted and dabbled in humor.” They focus on designs that are aesthetically pleasing and make the place you live a more welcoming one.

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