100 Dates To Go On Bucket List Poster

Gift Republic

What's your idea of a perfect date? Well, with the 100 Dates To Go On Poster, you will have plenty of things to try! It features 100 scratch-off squares, in which each one represents a different date idea you can share with your sweetheart. 

After you've completed the date that is listed above the silver square, you can freely scratch off the silver film to reveal a cute, minimalist illustration that encapsulates the event. Included among the long list are homey ideas such as baking a cake, more adventurous activities like horseback riding, and many classes you can do together. You'll have to do all of the dates to uncover all of the thumbnails and complete the poster.

Pick up this poster for you and your darling, or wrap it up for a couple you know would appreciate it.  


  • 100 Dates to Go On Bucket List Poster features 100 scratch-off squares.
  • The poster measures 16.5 x 23.6 inches.
  • It comes rolled up in a tube.

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