RGB & CMYK Double-Sided Pendant

Yellow Owl Workshop

Design studio Yellow Owl Workshop has translated its best-selling RGB & CMYK earrings into necklace form. This clever double-sided pendant solves the age-old task of correcting a flipped charm. Featuring RGB hues on one side and CMYK hues on the other, this interchangeable accessory includes a minimalist design of each color system.

RGB—which stands for red, green, and blue—is the additive color system that is used exclusively in digital design. CMYK—signifying cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black)—is the subtractive system used in print because the printed ink reduces the light that would normally be reflected. Adorn this chromatic pendant to show off your color design knowledge, or wrap it up as a gift for the artist in your life. 


  • RGB & CMYK double-sided pendant features two designs: the RGB system on one side and the CMYK system on the other.
  • The pendant has a diameter of about 0.75 inches (2 cm).
  • The 18k gold-dipped chain measures 20 inches long (50.8 cm).

About Yellow Owl Workshop

Artistic, quirky, lovable—Yellow Owl Workshop was founded by talented artist and designer Christine Schmidt in 2007. Based in San Francisco, Yellow Owl is notable for a sophisticated yet playful aesthetic. Their products include rubber stamps and stamp ink pads, greeting cards, a line of exquisite gold jewelry, and more recently—socks. Though their product line is diverse, consistent themes of innovative function, original graphics, and bold colors emerge.

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