Rome Map Necklace

Talia Sari

Rome wasn’t built in a day, much less seen in one. Exploring Rome brings lots of happy memories that you can keep close to your heart with the help of Talia Sari’s minimalist map necklace. Intricately designed, it features the winding roads of the ancient city in a brilliant 24K gold plating.


  • Map pendant is 24K gold plated with a matte finish on brass. 
  • The map measures approximately 1.2” square. 
  • Necklace chain is gold-filled and about 17” in length. 

About Talia Sari

Talia Sari is storytelling with jewelry. It's the brainchild of Talia Sari Wiener, an industrial designer who fell in love with goldsmithing while in college. She established the You Are Here collection in which she creates maps of her favorite cities. "Each city is uniquely influenced by its street grid; at times intricately winding and dead-ended, at times perfectly aligned," she says. "Understood without words to locals and yet anonymous to strangers."

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