This Book Is a Planetarium

Kelli Anderson

Putting a playful spin on your standard science publication, This Book Is a Planetarium and Other Extraordinary Pop-Up Contraptions uses the power of paper to explain how things work. Part pop-up book and part cabinet of curiosities, you'll discover a collection of six functional gizmos, from a portable planetarium to a decoder ring to a never-ending calendar. And with artist Kelli Anderson's educational text alongside each pop-up, it's perfect for hands-on learners of all ages. 


  • This Book Is a Planetarium contains six fully-functional gizmos: a portable planetarium, a string instrument, a spiralgraph, a decoder ring, a speaker, and a never-ending calendar.
  • The hardcover book is 5 pages long. 
  • Published in October 2017.

About Chronicle Books

Brooklyn-based artist and graphic designer Kelli Anderson is a self-identified "tinkerer" who uses her creative expertise to experiment with new and engaging imagery and interactive experiences.

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