Flower Color Pencils (Set of 5)


We never thought we’d be saying this, but sharpening pencils can be fun. You can make rainbows whenever you like, and with Flower Pencil HANA, you can grow your own field of beautiful blooms. Designed by Toshihiro Otomo, this set of five pencils are each shaped like symbolic Japanese flowers. When sharpened, the shavings look like the cross-section of Bellflowers, evergreens, dandelions, red plums, and cherry blossoms.


  • Each set contains 5 pencils in different colors and shapes. When sharpened, they each create their own unique shavings that mimic cherry blossoms, red plums, dandelions, bellflowers, and evergreens.
  • Produced at an environmentally-conscious factory in Japan, the exterior of the pencil is made from recycled paper with a high-quality pigment core.
  • Each pencil measures 1.5” wide by 7” long.

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