"Book & Hero" Superhero Bookend

Artori Design

Not all of us need a superhero-like saving on a daily basis. Sometimes, we could just use a little assistance in keeping our homes tidy. This superhero bookend by Artori Design is here to help by making sure your books stay upright and organized. Clad in painted black metal, the bookend features a silhouette of a caped crusader who appears to be preventing a stack of books from falling. Whimsical yet practical, the bookend is a subtle statement maker for your shelf.

The superhero bookend looks as though it’s held up by magic. So, how does it really work? It's easy! Start by placing the bookend "wall" between a book cover and the first (or last) page of a softcover book. Make sure the text is at least as tall as the bookend itself so as to conceal it. Then, attach the superheroes’ magnetic hand to the supporting book’s cover and voila—the optical illusion is complete. Add more books to make the little figure seem even more impressive. 


  • Superhero bookend is made of metal that has been painted black.
  • The bookend is 7.87” long x 6.69” tall x 4.72” wide.

About Artori Design

Artori Design believes that “practical and day-to-day products can be beautiful, aesthetic, well crafted and dabbled in humor.” They focus on designs that are aesthetically pleasing and make the place you live a more welcoming one.

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