A6 Travel Paint Kit

Viviva Colors

Have you always wanted to paint en plein air like the Impressionist masters? Well, Viviva Colors has made it much easier with their A6 Travel Paint Kit.

Enclosed inside the durable, vegan leather case is everything an artist needs to make stunning artwork on-the-go. There is one A6 ivory sketchpad with 48 pages to fill with your illustrations, one Viviva Original Colorsheets set with 16 vibrant shades, one round tip waterbrush, and one black pen.

Each item fits snuggly in its designated compartment in the case, making it convenient for anyone who finds inspiration outdoors. When the case is closed, it folds into a compact 6.65 x 5.5 inch size, making it ideal for tossing inside your backpack or tote.

Not only is this kit the perfect accessory for traveling artists, but it also makes for a great introductory set to anyone who wants to get into painting. 


  • The A6 Travel Paint Kit includes one A6 vegan leather case, one Viviva Original Colorsheets (16 colors), one A6 ivory sketchpad (24 leaves, 120 lbs), one round tip waterbrush, one black pen (hard tip, 0.5 mm).
  • The Viviva Original Colorsheets and A6 ivory sketchpad are both refillable.
  • All accessories fit inside the vegan leather case.
  • The enclosed A6 ivory sketchpad measures 6 x 4 inches.
  • When closed, the A6 Travel Paint Kit measures 6.65 x 5.5 inches.

About Viviva Colors

Viviva Colors was built by two brothers named Aditya and Rohan Vadgaonkar. The portable watercolors were originally a hit on Indiegogo where they raised 564% of their original campaign.

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