James Bond 007 Playing Cards


Ever since the James Bond book series was adapted into films, secret agent 007 has become a world famous icon. Creative brand theory11 pays tribute to this long legacy with this designer set of playing cards.

From the packaging to the cards themselves, every detail references the glamour of the movie series. The box features a striking and intricate gold design embellished with a bold "007" in the center and gold foil accents. Additionally, the backs of the cards feature an ornate illustration reminiscent of traditional crests. James Bond fans will also find plenty of guns and gadgets in the card faces, which adds to the secret agent feel of the set.

Treat yourself to this lux deck of cards, or wrap it up as a gift for the James Bond fan in your life.


  • James Bond 007 Playing Cards is a deck of 52 cards.
  • The deck of cards are made in the U.S.A.

About theory11

Since 2011, theory11 has been working with artists to create luxury, designer playing cards. Their goal is "to push the envelope and create the most breathtaking, innovative, elegant designs."