Embroidered Life

Sara Barnes

Embroidered Life is not your grandma’s embroidery (although we think grandmas will like this book). Featuring the work of contemporary artist Sarah K. Benning, it offers a peek into her successful embroidery practice that boasts gorgeous green plants, aspirational interior spaces, and the figures that exist in and alongside them. Full of colorful photos revealing the finer details of Benning’s stitching, My Modern Met Contributing Editor Sara Barnes introduces you to Benning’s artistic background, her stitching (of course), and how she runs a booming small business that includes hosting embroidery workshops around the world.


  • Embroidered Life measures 7.25" x 9.25”.
  • The hardcover book—with real stitching on the cover—contains 144 pages.
  • Published September 2019.

About Sara K. Benning and Sara Barnes

Sarah K. Benning is a contemporary embroidery artist based in New Hampshire who creates highly detailed, hand-stitched works; writes DIY patterns for other embroidery practitioners; and teaches workshops all over the world.

Sara Barnes is an illustrator and Contributing Editor and Writer for My Modern Met.

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