642 Things to Draw

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As an artist, coming up with new things to draw can be daunting. If you're bored of sketching bowls of fruit and tired of the tried-and-true portrait, 642 Things to Draw is here to help. The quirky sketchbook proves that there are still plenty of things for you to scribble, with an incredible array of subject matter. Ranging from bikes to lumberjacks to the intangible sound of girlish laughter, the seemingly endless ideas will dig you out of your creative rut and ignite your imagination.


  • 642 Things to Draw contains 304 pages in a paperback format. 
  • The book offers drawing prompts, and it's left blank for you to fill with your imaginative sketches.  (See the third picture as an example.)
  • The size of the drawing ideas book is 7.5" x 9". 
  • Published in August 2010. 

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