Multicolor Pencils: Pack of 5 Rainbow Pencils

Duncan Shotton

Many people are trying to chase the rainbow, but you’ve done one better. With these rainbow pencils by Duncan Shotton, you can hold its magical combination of colors in the palm of your hand, recording all your hopes and dreams. When it’s time to sharpen, you'll create your own rainbows with the colorful shavings.

Another enchanting feature: these aren’t your regular wooden pencils. Though they function like them, they're made with sustainability in mind. Each multicolor pencil is made from “lots of layers” of recycled paper. It’s an even better reason to put down your phone and pick up a pencil!


  • Each pack contains five rainbow pencils.
  • All pencils are finished with a white recycled paper.

About Duncan Shotton

In 2012, British designer Duncan Shotton set up his small design studio in Tokyo, Japan. His work focuses on designing happiness into everyday things by using themes such as play, wit, and illusion to create tools and objects that converge simple ideas with serious product design.


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