'Selfie Stephi' Smartphone Holder

Artori Design

Have you ever wished you could look at your phone hands-free? Well, Artori Design has the perfect solution. Selfie Stephi is a phone holder that will prop up your device in an entertaining way.

The useful tool is made of metal and features a black silhouette of a female figure who is posing for a selfie photograph. And while she holds a phone in one hand, her other will magically keep your own phone upright so you can look at it. This way, you can juggle reading recipes and cooking or watching videos without having to hold your phone the entire time.

Pick up this phone holder for yourself, or treat someone who will get a kick out of its creative design.


  • Selfie Stephi is made of metal that has been painted black.
  • The smartphone holder is about 2.75” long x 2.75” tall x 2.83” wide.

About Artori Design

Artori Design believes that “practical and day-to-day products can be beautiful, aesthetic, well crafted and dabbled in humor.” They focus on designs that are aesthetically pleasing and make the place you live a more welcoming one.