'The Starry Night', 'A Wheatfield With Cypresses', 'Irises' Recycled Zip Pocket Set


Instead of storing your belongings into the same bag—and losing track of where you put something—several smaller bags can accomplish the task with better efficiency. If this is relatable to you, then you're in luck. LOQI has designed a set of three zip pockets that will quickly become your traveling best friends. 

Each of these pouches is inspired by a different painting by Vincent van Gogh. The pouch, called the maxi, features The Starry Night in all of its striking beauty, whereas the midi pocket is adorned with the lovely painting A Wheatfield With Cypresses. The mini pocket is covered with the lush art of Irises. Not only are these accessories beautiful on their own, but they are also extremely functional, as you can separate your items according to the size and design of the pouch.

Pick up this set of zip pockets to help organize your life, or wrap it up as a gift for a Van Gogh lover who will surely appreciate the inspiration. 


  • All of the zip pockets are made of 100% recycled taffeta, are water-resistant, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified, and GREEN CIRCLE® certified.
  • The Starry Night zip pocket measures 10 x 13 inches; A Wheatfield With Cypresses zip pocket measures 8 x 11 inches; and the Irises zip pocket measures 5 x 9 inches.
  • All of the zip pockets are made with waterless printing.

About LOQI

LOQI wants to inspire people to foster culture in their lives, as it is a source of endless possibilities and sparks the imagination.