'Keith Hairball' Enamel Pin


During his short life, artist Keith Haring became a contemporary art sensation for his pop art and graffiti-esque work. Known for stylized figures that are full of life, his imagery continues to live on today. Nia Gould of Niaski has created a tribute to the man in an unexpected way. She has imagined Haring's art in the form of a cat she calls Keith Hairball. Her enamel pin design features a black and white cat drawn with Haring's signature bold outlines and accented with a red heart. Wear it and evoke the same messages of equality and unity found in his work.


  • Keith Hairball is a hard enamel pin with a black nickel finish.
  • The pin is secured with a pin backing.
  • The dimension of the design is a little over an inch.

About Nia Gould

Niaski is the design studio of Nia Gould. By day she is the Creative Design Manager of a “vibrant and lively arts venue,” and on the weekends and evenings, she combines her passion for arts and felines by creating prints and accessories that cat owners will love.  

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