Racoon Doll Embroidery Kit

Kiriki Press

Raccoons are known for their propensity for digging through trash, but who cares that they wade through old takeout containers—they’re absolutely adorable. Celebrate these “masked” creatures with a challenging embroidery kit. Comprising a variety of stitches, you’ll cover the fabric pattern in DMC thread which eventually culminates in a fuzzy plush doll measuring about four and a half inches tall. So whether you’re a seasoned stitcher or a beginner who likes a challenge, it’s time to give this step-by-step DIY a try.


  • All DIY embroidery kits include the following: screen printed pattern on cotton fabric; printed backing fabric; a range of DMC embroidery floss; eco-friendly stuffing; and step-by-step instructions.
  • You will need a 6” hoop to embroider this pattern.
  • The racoon kit is considered Level 3 difficulty—it uses a variety of stitches that cover up most of the pattern surface.
  • When complete, the plush doll is about 4.5” tall.

About Kiriki Press

"I wanted to make an embroidered doll for my niece so I decided to learn how to stitch," Kiriki Press creator Michelle Galletta says. "Since I couldn't find a modern pattern anywhere, I made my own and fell in love with both embroidery and pattern design in the process. I studied printmaking at university, so once I realized that I could screen print my patterns for others to make, Kiriki Press was born."

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