'Salvador Catli' Enamel Pin


Salvador Dali is well known for his mustache that seemed to have a mind of its own while he was alive. Adding to his idiosyncrasies, he’s documented as having been a fan of cats. Dali was very fond of his ocelot named Babou who accompanied him everywhere. This makes Nia Gould’s Salvador Catli enamel pin very fitting for the Surrealist. Her accessory features a portrait of a feline who rocks the same crazy facial hair as its punny namesake. Wear it on your favorite jacket or attach it to your backpack to let everyone know that you like the peculiar side of life.


  • Salvador Catli is a soft enamel pin with a white metal finish.
  • The pin is secured with a rubber pin backing.
  • The dimension of the design is about an inch.

About Nia Gould

Niaski is the design studio of Nia Gould. By day she is the Creative Design Manager of a “vibrant and lively arts venue,” and on the weekends and evenings, she combines her passion for arts and felines by creating prints and accessories that cat owners will love.  

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