'Basquicat' Enamel Pin


Jean-Michel Basquiat was a fascinating artist whose work appropriated drawing, painting, poetry, and other writing. A lifelong gifted artist, he achieved fame as part of SAMO, a graffiti duo who wrote “enigmatic epigrams” around Manhattan’s Lower East Side in the late 1970s. 

Sadly, Basquiat passed away at age 27. But despite his short life, his images have influenced generations. This enamel pin, called Basquicat, pays homage to the visionary by illustrating a feline in his artistic style. Included in the design is a crown—a motif that frequently appeared in Basquiat's early work. A friend during that time described the inclusion of the headwear like this: “[Basquiat] could walk into a thrift store with five bucks and come out looking like a king. In fact he basically behaved like a king who had accidentally switched lives with an identical pauper.” Pin this to your jacket or backpack when you too want to feel like royalty.


  • Basquicat is a hard enamel pin with a black metal gold finish.
  • The pin is secured with a rubber pin backing.
  • The dimension of the design is about an inch.

About Nia Gould

Niaski is the design studio of Nia Gould. By day she is the Creative Design Manager of a “vibrant and lively arts venue,” and on the weekends and evenings, she combines her passion for arts and felines by creating prints and accessories that cat owners will love.  

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