René Magritte Action Figure

Today is Art Day

Celebrated for his dreamy paintings and being a pioneer of Surrealism, René Magritte has appropriately been deemed an Art History Hero by Today is Art Day. In homage to the avant-garde artist, they've created a Magritte action figure, complete with a “floating” face-covering apple, iconic black bowler hat, and his signature ceci n'est pas une pipe. Like his Vincent van Gogh and Frida Kahlo counterparts, this 5-inch painter packs a big punch for such a tiny toy.


  • Magritte action figure comes with: a bowler hat; scented apple; signature pipe; and foot-shoe (inspired by The Red Model). 
  • Each toy comes with a little easel and masterpiece to display. Magritte has The Son of ManThe Treachery of ImagesGolconda, and The Red Model
  • Action figure is 5” tall and made of PVC plastic.

About Today is Art Day

David Beaulieu is the founder of Today Is Art Day, and he's made it his mission to make art history more fun and accessible to a wider audience. It was founded in 2014 as an art history social media feed on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Every day, a new story about an artist or an artwork is shared among the community of more than 65,000 art enthusiasts. Both a social media feed and toy company, Today Is Art Day aims to bring art to its fans in groundbreaking ways.

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