René Mogritte Enamel Pin


Belgian artist René Magritte created some of the most recognizable and witty paintings that are still referenced today. Among them is The Son of Man which depicts a male figure whose face is obscured by a green apple.

Design studio Niaski reimagines this famous work of art in a playfully feline form. The René Mogritte pin retains some of the key elements of the original source, such as the bowler hat and apple. But instead of a human underneath the hat, it's a yellow cat complete with whiskers.

Know someone who will appreciate this whimsical accessory? This enamel pin makes a great small gift for art and cat lovers.


  • René Mogritte is a hard enamel pin.
  • The pin is secured with a rubber pin backing.
  • The dimension of the design is about an inch.

About Niaski

Niaski is the design studio of Nia Gould. By day she is the Creative Design Manager of a “vibrant and lively arts venue,” and on the weekends and evenings, she combines her passion for arts and felines by creating prints and accessories that cat owners will love.