Rainbow Joes: Series 1 Figurines


Yoga Joes have given us serious yoga goals with their ability to perform the perfect handstand, among other impressive poses. Now, these “keepers of the inner peace” are giving us even more to marvel over—their rainbow coloring! Series 1 collection has been reimagined in a dazzling spectrum of bright hues, from electric red to purple midnight to royal blue. The figures consist of the yoga poses from Series 1; the end pieces (Warrior 1 and Warrior 2 poses) will always be in the same color, while the remaining seven figures will be different across the spectrum. But no matter the color configuration, they come with their own miniature yoga studio that’s complete with a bamboo floor.


  • Sold as a set of 9 figures in yoga poses featuring Headstand, Lotus, Cobra Pose, Warrior One, Warrior Two, Child's Pose, Tree Pose, Crow Pose, and Downward-Facing Dog.
  • Yoga Joes are made from ABS plastic and vary from 1” to 3” in height.
  • Packaged in a playful "mini yoga studio" display box with a bamboo floor.
  • Color combinations will vary—not all yoga poses will be in the same hue across sets.

About Brogamats

Dan Abramson of Brogamats is a San Francisco-based designer who wanted to convince more men, boys, and military veterans to try yoga. He got the idea while at a San Francisco coffee shop with his friend Paul, as they were discussing ways to make yoga more macho. Green army men were not only the perfect metaphor, but the figurines' bodies were already in very gestural poses, almost like they were in iconic yoga asanas. Plus, their classic green platforms could be replaced with yoga mats. The idea evolved to become a message of calm and focus to anyone in need of a little peace. 


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