The Cat Club Temporary Tattoo Set


Curious about temporary tattoos? Well, this might be the "pawfect" set to try it out. Designed by Berkley Illustration, the Cat Club set features two temporary tattoos of four funky cats (for a total of eight).

The set features kitties with distinct personalities that include: a colorful kitten wearing heart-shaped sunglasses and a rainbow-print T-shirt; the smart-looking tabby cat sporting reading glasses and a polka-dot button-down; the dashing tuxedo cat in a red-and-white striped shirt; and the vest-wearing punk cat. Wear the set one tattoo at a time or put it on as a full sleeve. Either way, you're sure to look like one cool cat. 


  • The Cat Club set features 8 tattoos by Berkley Illustration.
  • It includes two tattoos of four different cats: Rainbow Kitten, Tabby Cat, Tuxedo Cat, and Punk Cat.
  • Tattly temporary tattoos are printed with vegetable-based ink.
  • All tattoos are FDA-compliant—safe and non-toxic.
  • A tattoo will last, on average, 2 to 4 days.

About Tattly

Tattly celebrates art by working with professional artists and turning their designs into high-quality temporary tattoos. They view the body art as "an experience of play and self-expression, a moment of being a rebel and doing something daring." So go ahead—let yourself have fun.

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