Color Wheel Embroidery Sampler

Dropcloth Samplers

For those that love color theory and hand embroidery, Dropcloth Sampler has created a beautifully crafty combination of the two. The Color Wheel embroidery sampler features a circular pattern divided into 12 segments, and each piece of the pie has one stitch of its own. While you can try typical color wheel hues, Dropcloth Samplers, encourages you to pick your favorite dozen coordinating colors. Once done, this piece will make a great reference for your future embroidery projects.

Learn these stitches (and more) from Rebecca when you take her Stitch a Day Sampler class through CreativeBug!


  • The color wheel embroidery sampler cloth measures approximately 8.5” x 7”.
  • Dropcloth Samplers come printed with cloth pattern only (see last photo). This product does not include embroidery thread, embroidery hoop, or any other stitching accessories. 
  • We recommend purchasing thread and other supplies here.

About Dropcloth Samplers

Rebecca Ringquist is the owner of Dropcloth Samplers and the woman behind the DIY embroidery cloths. She started the operation almost spontaneously, choosing to sell her embroidery sampler design at a craft sale in 2010. The response was great, and it forced her to open her own shop not long after. “Each design comes with no directions,” she says, “in the hopes that you will find your own happenstance color relationships growing as you make it up as you go.”

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