Vincent van Gogh Action Figure

Today is Art Day

When it comes to action and toy figures, superheros have all the fun. But now, thanks to Today is Art Day, great artists throughout history are getting time to shine as designer vinyl toys. The legendary Vincent van Gogh is one of the featured creatives in the Art History Heroes collection, and the five-inch figure comes complete with distinctive features including detachable ears, a bandaged ear add-on, a paintbrush, a pair of signature Dutch clogs, and a sunflower on his jacket. For fans of van Gogh’s life and work, they’ll immediately understand the clever references packed into this playful and educational figurine.


  • Vincent Van Gogh action figure comes with: 2 removable ears; 1 bandaged ear; 1 paint brush; 5 masterpieces and a cardboard easel; 10 fun facts about the artist on the box.
  • Each toy comes with a little easel and masterpiece to display. Van Gogh has Starry Night; Sunflowers; Self Portrait; Bedroom in Arles; and Café Terrace at Night.
  • Action figure is 5” tall and made of PVC plastic.

About Today is Art Day

David Beaulieu is the founder of Today Is Art Day, and he's made it his mission to make art history more fun and accessible to a wider audience. It was founded in 2014 as an art history social media feed on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Every day, a new story about an artist or an artwork is shared among the community of more than 65,000 art enthusiasts. Both a social media feed and toy company, Today Is Art Day aims to bring art to its fans in groundbreaking ways.

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