Alternative Love Blueprint: A History of Alternative Music


If you frequently listen to music, then you likely have a favorite genre that stands above the rest. Fans of alternative and independent music can now show off their love and knowledge of the music's history with a beautiful screenprint poster by creative studio Dorothy.

Contained within the circuit board of an early transistor radio are the names of 300 musicians, artists, managers, and producers who have had an important impact on the development of alternative and independent music. Some of these names are instantly recognizable like The Velvet Underground, Sex Pistols, and The White Stripes, while others, such as The Specials and Kraftwerk might be less familiar depending on your listening history.

From the pioneers of alt music like Bill Haley & His Comets to contemporary stars like Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead, this blueprint poster will engage your eyes for hours on end.

Pick up a copy for yourself to celebrate your love of the genre, or wrap up this cool poster for a fellow music lover.


  • Alternative Love Blueprint is a metallic gold screen print.
  • The poster is printed on 120 gsm uncoated art paper.
  • It measures 60 x 80 cm.

About Dorothy

UK-based studio Dorothy collaborates with talented artists to create conceptual and innovative art with a clever and, oftentimes, educational twist.