U.S.A. Song Map Poster


Want to put both your geography skills and music knowledge to the test? If so, then hang a copy of the U.S.A. Song Map in your home! Based on a vintage-style map, this litho print reimagines the names of states, cities, rivers, mountains, and even landmarks of the United States as the titles of over 900 famous songs. New York is renamed "Autumn in New York" after Billie Holiday while Alabama is called "Sweet Home Alabama" after Lynyrd Skynyrd. California is labeled "California Girls" after none other than the Beach Boys.

Challenge your friends and family by seeing how many of the titles you can match with the right artist without checking the A-Z key.


  • U.S.A. Song Map is a four-color lithograph print.
  • The poster is printed on 120 gsm uncoated art paper.
  • It measures 60 x 80 cm.
  • The U.S.A. Song Map includes an A-Z key.

About Dorothy

UK-based studio Dorothy collaborates with talented artists to create conceptual and innovative art with a clever and, oftentimes, educational twist.

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