'Secret Garden' Adult Coloring Book

Johanna Basford

Are you trying to cut back on screen time? If so, then you may want to grab an adult coloring book. Illustrator Johanna Basford is one of the artists who helped to make this activity cool again, and she did so with her signature book, Secret Garden — An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book. Through whimsical drawings, she invites you to explore a black-and-white wonderland. The intricate details are captivating and meant for you to discover new things as you color. But get ready to stretch your imagination, too. Basford needs your help to complete the garden!


  • Secret Garden adult coloring book is 96 pages in paperback.
  • Published March 2013.

About Johanna Basford

Scotland-based Johanna Basford calls herself an "ink evangelist" who prefers pen and ink to computer pixels. "I champion the (wobbly) hand-drawn line," she says, "the imperfect circle and smudgy fingerprints!" As you color her illustrations, you'll find something new each time. "I love intricate details and try to craft images that invite you to pause and examine the artwork a little closer. Hidden within the flora and fauna are rogue butterflies, half-hidden hedgehogs, and even the odd little owl!"

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