Color Wheel Crew Socks

Yellow Owl Workshop

The cold weather months can be dull, and let’s face it—drab, too. With the likes of dark sweaters, jackets, and heavy boots, it’s easy to feel bogged down. Add some vibrancy to your life with this pair of Color Wheel Crew Socks from Yellow Owl Workshop. Made of soft cotton, the two are an unexpected diptych—just put your feet together and watch each half of the color wheel form a whole! These quirky socks are sure to find a home on your feet.


  • Women's size fits most: 5 to 10 US. They are 7" leg by 7" foot.
  • The novelty socks are made of soft cotton with long combed fibers for a "luxurious hand feel."
  • The heel, toe, and cuff are reinforced for durability.

About Yellow Owl Workshop

Artistic, quirky, lovable—Yellow Owl Workshop was founded by talented artist and designer Christine Schmidt in 2007. Based in San Francisco, Yellow Owl is notable for a sophisticated yet playful aesthetic. Their products include rubber stamps and stamp ink pads, greeting cards, a line of exquisite gold jewelry, and more recently—socks. Though their product line is diverse, consistent themes of innovative function, original graphics, and bold colors emerge.

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