Pop Art Soup and Banana Earrings

Yellow Owl Workshop

For art lovers, bananas and tomato soup cans are a perfect match. Together, they symbolize the Pop Art movement that artist Andy Warhol helped to make famous. Celebrate this pioneering style—one that still inspires us today—when you wear these two petite stud earrings. With one ear a banana and the other a soup can, those who are familiar with Pop Art will understand your clever earrings. And those who aren't? Well, they'll applaud your unique sense of style!

  • Each earring is .5” (1.3 cm) or slightly smaller.
  • They are gilded in 22 karat gold and have hypoallergenic posts. 

About Yellow Owl Workshop

Artistic, quirky, lovable—Yellow Owl Workshop was founded by talented artist and designer Christine Schmidt in 2007. Based in San Francisco, Yellow Owl is notable for a sophisticated yet playful aesthetic. Their products include rubber stamps and stamp ink pads, greeting cards, a line of exquisite gold jewelry, and more recently—socks. Though their product line is diverse, consistent themes of innovative function, original graphics, and bold colors emerge.

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