Animal Portraits in Colored Inks: Tell a Visual Story That Conveys Emotion

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Do you want to perfect your storytelling? Are you looking for new ways to highlight the emotion that your artwork evokes? Illustrator Anna Sokolova is a pro at it. For over 10 years, she has been creating inky illustrations for clients like Netflix and Maison Margiela.

Now, she’s sharing her expertise in a class on our e-learning platform, My Modern Met Academy. Her online course is called Animal Portraits in Colored Inks: Tell a Visual Story That Conveys Emotion. In it, you’ll explore ways to add emotion and personality to your artwork by using colored inks.

Through in-depth lessons over the course of about an hour and 20 minutes, Sokolova will help guide you to create your own animal portrait from start to finish. She’ll begin by going over the inspiration that she looks to when crafting her own work. You’ll even get a peek into the books that ignite her creativity. Then she’ll go into technique, including how to create thumbnails (aka tiny plans for your final drawing) and establish a color palette. When you’re done watching the course, you’ll have new creative tools to support your ideas and realize your own vision.


Course Details

  • This is an online class. It is a digital product, and no physical product will be mailed to you.
    The class difficulty is beginner.
  • Course duration is 1.3 hours. 
  • Closed captioning is available. 


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About Anna Sokolova

Anna Sokolova is an award-winning artist based in Berlin, Germany. Anna works with mixed media and is inspired by merging the traditional and innovative approaches to arts. Esteemed collaborations include Netflix, Wired, ImagineFX, and Maison Margiela. Anna was born and grew up in Leningrad (Saint Petersburg). While studying at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, she was professionally involved with her art projects related to visual narratives. She successfully participated in exhibitions, and worked with publishing houses and authors. Anna’s work combines beautifully drawn, almost idyllic imagery with a slightly visible darker undertone.


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