Viviva Watercolor Pans Set of 16 Colors

Viviva Colors

Watercolor is one of the most popular mediums to work with, and it's no wonder why! With its fast-drying time and vibrant colors, this paint is ideal for most creatives. Viviva Colors is making the painting process much easier with their Watercolor Pans Set.

This portable set is the same size as most cell phones and features 16 transparent colors, ranging from bright red to deep green. Each pan is inserted inside of a natural cork sheet which is completely eco-friendly. All the artist has to do to start using this amazing little set is to wet their paintbrush and swipe it over their desired color. They're sure to be amazed at the vibrant quality each pan contains!

Pair this set of pans with Viviva's Spring or Metallics set to expand your color palette, or wrap it up as a gift for the painter in your life. 


  • Viviva Watercolor Pans Set features 16 transparent colors that are made from ultra-premium dyes that result in transparent and vibrant colors. They include scarlet, amaranth, orange blossom, mango, deep yellow, raw sienna, rust, burnt umber, apple green, deep green, vine green, shallow blue, royal blue, deep blue, violet, and white. 
  • The set is smaller than most smartphones for easy portability.
  • The set also includes a reusable mixing panel that allows for easy (and convenient!) mixing of colors and a swatch card.

About Viviva Colors

Viviva Colors was built by two brothers named Aditya and Rohan Vadgaonkar. The portable watercolors were originally a hit on Indiegogo where they raised 564% of their original campaign.