Deskspace Solar System Series With Sun Lamp


Bring the solar system into your home—and even hold it in your hand—with the help of DeskX. They’ve sourced a variety of gemstones from around the world that each symbolizes a different planet in our universe. The celestial bodies look like the swirling beauties you know and love but in precious, earthly materials that you can admire at any time of day. 

The Solar System Series comes with a rectangular aluminum stand. In addition to the planets, it ships with a Sun Mood Lamp. Created using Golden Calcite (a substance noted for its texture and clarity), light cloaks the sphere and radiates the room to cast a soothing glow within your space.

  • Solar system desk accessory features 9 different gemstones and minerals: Labradorite (Mercury), Nephrite Jade (Venus), Sodalite (Earth), Mahogany Obsidian (Mars), Tiger Eye (Jupiter), Calcite (Saturn), Amazonite (Uranus), Synthetic Cat’s Eye (Neptune), Heliotrope (Pluto), and Golden Calcite (Sun).
  • Comes with an aluminum base and magnetic USB charging cable. 
  • Includes an information booklet about the sun and solar system.
  • Also includes a felt polishing cloth. 

About DeskX

"We are three designers who all have three things in common—a love of design, a fascination with space and jobs that keep us tied to our desks," DeskX explains. "We wanted to create a desktop accessory that brought together our design skills with our interests. Something that would allow us to have a small vision of how our home environment sits within the universe."

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