Space Time Hourglass Necklace with Meteorite Dust

Yugen Handmade

Looking for an accessory that's as unique as the Moon? Well, this delicate necklace by Yugen Handmade contains a real remnant of outer space.

The Space Time Hourglass necklace features a clear hourglass pendant containing authentic celestial stardust from Campo del Cielo meteorite. Each necklace is made by hand with a different set of dust that may vary in size and color, ensuring that each piece is completely one-of-a-kind. Put this pendant on any time you want to feel like a star. 

Pair this necklace with another space-inspired product to create an astral gift set. 


  • The pendant measures 1 1/4 inches.
  • The chain measures 18 inches long.
  • It is made of glass, rhodium-plated brass, and genuine Camp del Cielo meteorite.
  • Each necklace is handmade, so variation from the picture may occur. 
  • The necklace is not waterproof, so avoid getting it wet. 

About Yugen Handmade

Yugen Handmade was founded over 10 years ago by Lauren Beacham as a way to combine her Polaroid photography interest in jewelry. Her side hustle eventually became her full-time gig, and together with her studio assistant Brittany Elbourn, they now work in a small studio in a tiny mountain town in northern Maryland.

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