Solar-Powered Rainbowmaker with Crystal

Kikkerland Design

No matter your age, you're never too old to be dazzled by a rainbow. And while nothing can replace the serendipity of finding one after the rain, this nifty contraption comes pretty close. 

The Solar-Powered Rainbowmaker with Crystal is a special decorative device that can produce its own rainbows. All you need to do is use the suction cup on the back to hang the piece in direct sunlight (such as a window). The Rainbowmaker will do the rest. You'll see that as light filters through the solar panel, tiny rainbows will flicker all around the room. 

Pick up this toy to add some whimsy to your home decor, or pair it with another Rainbow Gift to create a curated gift set. 


  • Solar Powered Rainbowmaker with Crystal includes a suction cup hanging device, a solar panel, and a dangling crystal.
  • It measures 2 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches.

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