Dream Your Own Abstract Acrylic Floral Paintings

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There are many ways to paint flowers. One of the most common methods is to depict them as lifelike blooms, but you might try something a bit different—imagining them as abstract forms. 

Want to try it out? Let artist Nitika Alé guide you in her class titled Dream Your Own Abstract Acrylic Floral Paintings on My Modern Met Academy. In it, she shares expressive techniques you can use to create bouquets of flowers on canvas.

In a little over an hour, Alé will show you how to paint the beauty of flowers, from the first stroke to the finishing touches. You’ll begin by finding inspiration—looking on places like Pinterest and Unsplash—to discover gorgeous photos of blooms. Alé will then go over painting highlights and shadows on flowers and creating a color palette that works for you. Watch Ale work and get a sense of how she crafts a final result that feels intuitive and expressive, all while being approachable to you.


Course Details

  • This is an online class. It is a digital product, and no physical product will be mailed to you.
  • The class difficulty is beginner.
  • Course duration is 1.2 hours. 
  • Closed captioning is available. 


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About Nikita Alé

Nitika Alé is a self-taught artist based in Dehradun, India best known for her abstract florals and portraits. Art has always fascinated her in all its wondrous forms. Whatever the medium—oils, acrylics, watercolors, or mixed media (an array of other mediums like soft pastels, oil pastels, inks, charcoal, etc.), she is always drawing from a life lived close to nature’s rhythms.


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