'Like Mike' Smartphone Holder

Artori Design

It can be tiring to hold your phone, so Artori Design has thought of a solution. Like Mike is a humorous phone holder that will quickly become your go-to tool.

Made of painted metal, the phone holder features a black silhouette of a male figure sitting down and using his phone. He has his feet kicked up to relax, which magically keeps your phone propped up too. This way you can read, watch videos, or keep an eye on your texts without having to hold the device in your palm.

Like Mike makes an ideal small gift any time of the year.


  • Like Mike is made of metal that has been painted black.
  • The smartphone holder is about 3.42” long x 2.75” tall x 2.16” wide.

About Artori Design

Artori Design believes that “practical and day-to-day products can be beautiful, aesthetic, well crafted and dabbled in humor.” They focus on designs that are aesthetically pleasing and make the place you live a more welcoming one.

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