Small Marbling Infinity Puzzle

Nervous System

If you're tired of typical jigsaws, Nervous System has heard your call. The Marbling Infinity Puzzle differs due to the special nature of its pieces. Rather than creating one image, this puzzle can be reconfigured in endless ways.

The mesmerizing marble pattern is available in five different colorways: blue, green, red, pink, and orange. Each variation includes about 100 laser-cut pieces that can be assembled to create numerous different shapes. This way, the fun doesn't have to end after one session, lending to hours of relaxing fun.

This puzzle makes an ideal gift for anyone looking to try something new.


  • The Small Marbling Infinity Puzzle puzzle contains about 100 laser-cut pieces (between 92 and 99 depending on color).
  • The completed puzzle measures 6 x 6.5 inches.
  • It is made out of birch plywood.
  • The puzzle is made in Palenville, New York.

About Nervous System

Nervous System is a design studio whose work combines science, art, and technology. “We write computer programs based on processes and patterns found in nature,” they explain, “and use those programs to create unique and affordable art, jewelry, and housewares.”